Create digital products that are relevant and useful for your users

Preely lets you setup a remote, unmoderated user test in minutes and get actionable results from test participants within 24 hours to create products that really work for your users with less resources spent.

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A convenient and flexible remote user testing platform

Preely lets you create remote user tests from digital design prototypes. Get fast learnings about your users’ experience with your product. You can use the insights to validate ideas or existing prototypes, test your assumptions or to get new ideas that will improve your product.

Get results in less than 24 hours
Minimize resources spent on design and development
Improve overall product performance
Make user-backed decisions
Validate your ideas
Minimise wasted development time
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How do our customers get success?

  • Our customers involve users from the beginning of the product development process.

  • They test continuously throughout to learn what their users do think and want.

  • They get user insight fast and apply their learnings to make the right decisions.

  • They avoid spending unnecessary time and money on developing features their users do not want or don’t know how to use.

Work Smarter With Preely

Preely makes it easy and effective to acquire a large amount of quantitative feedback, which creates a solid data-based foundation for your design decisions. Furthermore, you can ask qualitative questions as well, giving you the benefits of having qualitative insights to support your quantitative data.

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1. Create a test

Preely’s platform, a test always consists of a task and a question. 1. Create a task Your task should describe the context of the test and set the goal you want the participant to achieve. 2. Add questions Questions can be applied to get feedback from the participants when ending the test. There are many different answer types to choose from.

2. Share

Share the link on your website, newsletter, social media platforms, or via emails. Or share your test directly through your own test panel.

3. Decide

You get full access to an abundance of information and statistics for you to extract and make informed decisions from. Whether you like an overview of all the data or if you want to go into depth with single user behaviour is entirely up to you...

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Danske Spil turbo-charged their product development process and saved millions

How a UX team showed an entire organization the value of user involvement with Preely’s remote, unmoderated user testing platform, and created a 46% increase in turnover, 76% decrease in churn rate and 800,000 monthly transactions in the Lotto app.

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Have Questions? Look Here.

We are committed to helping you get off to a flying start with the platform by guiding you through the process of setting up your test, so you can start to harvest valuable feedback from your testers as soon as possible.

1.What can I test?

You can test ideas, concepts and digital prototypes – from drawings made on a napkin or white board to interactive prototypes made in Adobe XD, Figma, InVision Cloud and Sketch.

2.What can I measure?

You can measure most usability and UX metrics both performance metrics and self-reported metrics, see here.

3.Can I use Preely for moderated tests?

Yes. Many of our customers use Preely for moderated tests. They run the test via their preferred online meeting tool and use Preely for running the test and tracking performance metrics.

4.Can I build a prototype in Preely?

Yes, you can build an interactive prototype in Preely via picture upload, grabbing a URL or importing artboards from Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, or InVision Cloud.

5.Can I run tests on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone?

Yes, we support all three.

6.Can I use Preely for tests of physical products?

You can. However, this is a field we do not have much knowledge about yet. We are running a research study together with Lego and Aalborg University to understand what’s needed for this.

Try Preely And See For Yourself

A convenient and flexible remote user testing platform

Get fast learnings about your users’ experience with your product.